Delhi Cabinet Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Projects

On Thursday the Delhi cabinet endorsed the domestic capital’s free Wi-Fi hotspots. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal told the media that 11,000 hotspots are expected throughout the town. The 70 Assembly constituencies will have 100 hotspots,’ he said. “A total of 4,000 hotspots will be installed at bus shelters and 7,000 in multiple colonies,” he said. The project will take place on the surface in three-four months, at an estimated price of Rs. 100 crores, said Kejriwal.

The limit of 15 GB per month will be set for each user. 200 users are allowed to use hotspots at 200Mbps in a radius of 50 meters at the same time,” he added. A number of deadlines have been missed for the Wi-Fi project, an election promise of the Aam Aadmi Party. On Thursday, Kejriwal told young people about the project, although the time and technology had shifted. The CHF Minister stated that the election promises he had made had a period of five years, which will expire in February 2020. “The free Wi-Fi will add to what individuals receive from telecom businesses already.” “There was a deadline of five years for all our election commitments, and by then we will finish projects,” Kejriwal said

The AAP pledged to make Wi-Fi accessible to the general public in Delhi in its 2015 electoral manifesto.
“Citywide Wi-Fi can assist bridging the digital divide. It will also boost education, entrepreneurship, company, work and women’s security,” the manifesto reads.

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