Flights following IT failure British Airways

On a Wednesday following a “system problem,” British Airways was compelled to cancel approximately 100 flights to and from London.
Reporting indicates the departure of Gatwick and Heathrow services, which are the busiest airports in Britain— that at least 18,000 passengers are grounded.According to the BBC, there were more than 200 other BA flights delayed.
Sky News recorded the completion of all check-ins at BA’s Heathrow Terminal 5.

BA refused to verify the number of services canceled.
The airline stated in a declaration that we are working to solve a system problem as rapidly as possible and that some short-haul cancelations and delays have resulted from London airports.
“There are a number of flights still operating,” he added, apologizing for the disruptive travelers and noting back up manual systems for maintaining many facilities. BA said clients scheduled to travel from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airports Wednesday offer the opportunity to rebook their travel from August 8-13 for a further day.

Frustrated passengers took their anger and requested responses from BA to the social media while shared pictures depicted airport terminals with streamlined passengers.
Anya, a BA passenger bound for Zagreb, Croatia, stated on Twitter, “There are no personnel at the airport; we are in the news queue which doesn’t move.” “The only employees around are the duty-free employees who are more helpful than anyone else at BA. Get your act together #British airways!” A Heathrow spokesman told BA that the check-in and check-out had a technical problem with its systems.

“The disruption is the latest incident that has taken place over recent year with British Airways. In 2017, a global system outage hit tens of thousands of its passengers, and in 2018 the 2018 cyber-attack saw a hundred and thousand people.” We are working to support the BA team and passengers affected.

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