Further Updates: Report to use Sharp’s IGZO Display in the upcoming switch-model

Nintendo recently introduced the Nintendo Switch Lite, the newest gaming console that will be accessible for purchase from 20 September. This new console was launched in March 2017 and is an inexpensive version of the initial Nintendo Switch. Previous reports have asserted that Nintendo could have another high-end Switch console later this year. Now, according to a fresh study, Katsuaki Nomura, Sharp Executive VP, has disclosed that Nintendo will provide IGZO screens for new Switch consoles. The Nintendo Switch display panels are presently being provided by Japan Display.
Sharp’s CEO, Katsuaki Nomura, was asked, according to the report of the Wall Street Journal, what kind of displays the firm provides Nintendo.

“We’ll give what we are best at, IGZO,” he answered. He said. He has not detailed the models for the Switch console displayed in IGZO, but this move also suggests an up-to-date model being in operation, taking account of screens using IGZO (indium zinc oxide gallium) technology in his other flagship products. “The video game manufacturer from KYO planned to update its switch line with two fresh models— one with more battery life in August and one with a cheaper hand-held battery in September. People who know the product planning of Nintendo claim that they have thoughts to update their switch line-ups after both models to keep the platform long. Although one has improved functionality and is designed for eager players, the other option is cheaper for casual players.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has already been disclosed and the cheaper option for Nintendo Switch has been shown. But the other high-end one, what about? In addition to the rumors, we have heard nothing concrete concerning its specification, cost, or accessibility about the high-end console. Now the Switch Lite will be released on 20 September, as we have already stated. Can it be the day Nintendo announces that this high-end switch console is being launched? Or is the announcement going to be a distinct one? We must wait to discover, guess.

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