Home Alone, Night at the Disney+ Museum Reboots

Disney is restarting its new TV streaming service, “Home Alone,” and “Night at the Museum,” which starts in November in the USA and will compete with Netflix. During Disney’s acquisition of the 21st century Fox, the beloved and top film franchises were purchased. Chief Executive Bob Iger stated that Disney was “focused on leveraging Fox’s extensive library of excellent titles… for instance, the reputation of’ Home Alone,” Museum Night,” Cheaper the Dozen’ and’ Wimpy Kid ‘ Diary’ for a young Disney+ generation.”

He didn’t explain if the fresh releases were feature films or TV shows.
The three theater-released movies “Home Alone” totaled 914.8 million dollars (approximately Rs 6,481 crores) in the worldwide box-office and were not inflation-adjusted. A traditional Christmas family film is the original from 1990, in which eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is casually left behind when his family is on holiday and must protect his home from inept burglars. No information on casting for the remake were announced. The Ben Stiller’s trilogy on “Night at the Museum” about a museum security guard attempting to monitor exhibits to life has grown to more than $1.35 billion in total around the world. Macaulay Culkin, who was the child actor in the initial tweeted Wednesday: “Hey @ Disney, call me!”
Both film franchises will quickly be featuring HBO Max, Apple and NBC Universal platforms in the original content of the service in a crowded TV streaming market.

Disney also owns Marvel Studios, a fresh array of super heroic movies and TV shows lately unveiled that will share personalities and images and blur the line between media.
Former Fox super-hero film franchisees, including the’ X-Men’ and’ Fantastic 4 ‘ films and the’ Dead pool’ film franchises, now come within the Marvel umbrella, Igor said.

Disney+ will gradually grow globally, beginning with Europe after its launch in the U.S. on 12 November at the starting cost of US$ 6.99 (approximately Rs. 500) monthly.
It’s going to start with 300 films including its titles “Star Wars,” Pixar and Marvel.

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