Keep taking Apple Drops ‘ lead for Smartphone, Samsung and Huawei to the fourth largest globally:

Last week, Apple announced that during the Q3 fiscal call its iPhone income decreased. The technology giant based on Cupertino reveals however no more unit sales for the iPhone line-up. IHS Market, the analyst group claims Apple’s iPhone shipments fell 14.6 percent in Q2, 2019 to approximately 35.3 million units compared with the same quarter year-on-year. Strategy Analytics and Counterpoint Research previously reported a 12% and 11% decrease in iPhone deliveries. The entire worldwide smartphone industry fell by around 4 percent according to the IHS Market report. According to the study, Apple is now fourth on the smartphone market with an 11% market share. Samsung, Huawei and Oppo were thus in the third quarter at the top three positions. The fifth place was taken by Xiaomi.

It is estimated that Samsung delivered 75,1 million telephones, while Huawei was able to deliver 58,7 million smartphones in the third quarter 2019 with its latest tensions to the US. Based on IHS Market estimates, Samsung controls 23% of the market, while Huawei has 18%. IHS Market Analysts say that it is possible that old iPhone users keep their phones long while avoiding the purchase of fresh, costly iPhone models. While Apple continues to pursue aggressive promotion of its goods and services, its premium price for new iPhone models appears to hurt sales. According to IHS Market projections, Chinese smartphone business Oppo had a nice third quarter. Smartphone expenditures of the company have jumped 13 percent (11 per cent) to 36.2 million units. During the same quarter, Xiaomi shipped a total of 31,9 million units (10% share).

For his smartphone company outside China, India is the main market for Xiaomi. However, other Chinese players in India, such as Oppo and Vivo, still face more competition.

“Huawei has been able to weather the storm in terms of smartphones,” said Jusy Hong, research and evaluation director at IHS. “In the third quarter, China has seen higher revenues in global shipments.
Meanwhile, Samsung remains at the forefront of the smartphone sector. The mobile phone shipments of the company have risen by 6% annually. The rivalry with Chinese smartphone manufacturers continues to be steep, particularly in emerging markets.

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